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We’re Portland’s Favorite Place to Eat Before A Show

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into our restaurant is the welcoming atmosphere. We want every guest to feel at home and we hope that by creating a place where people can relax, they will be more likely to dine with us. Our menu is full of delicious items made with  locally grown produce, and just about any type of dish your heart desires!

Serving Hearty Lunches and Dinners


A Local Portland Restaurant – Serving Hearty Lunches and Dinners

Our menu includes both savory dishes as well as sweet treats. There is something for everyone from our signature soups to delectable sandwiches.

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Located Down The Street From Keller Auditorium & Other Theaters

We are located on the corner of SW 3rd Avenue and SW Columbia Street. We have a great location just one block from Keller Auditorium and a few blocks from Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Newmark Theatre, Portland Center Stage at The Armory, as well as many other theaters that present Broadway shows and touring productions!

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We Offer Locally Crafted Beer And Wine

We serve local beer and wine pairings with our meals. Stop by to diner with us for lunch or dinner to view our seasonal offerings and see what fresh drink choices we have available.

Fresh, hearty, and healthy meals – that’s who we are and what we offer to Portland. We pride ourselves on offering food that comforts your soul just as it comforted the souls of our ancestors.They were pioneers. They were miners & loggers. They were lumberjacks & farmers. They were of hearty stock. They worked hard and played hard. They built a city from the wilderness and when they ate, they wanted food that satisfied them. This is what Portland Kettle now brings back to the City of Portland. Experience the food that built Portland – dine with us today.

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Why You Should Enjoy Portland Kettle’s Locally Crafted Beer and Wine

Ever asked yourself what makes the taste of wine and beer different from others that you’ve experienced? It all begins in the creation process, where the foundation is laid for excellent brewing and vinification. Portland local restaurants offer the wonder of handcrafted brews and wines with our local beer made with all-natural ingredients.

Here are reasons you should come experience the wines and beers at Portland Kettle:

We Make Our Beer and Wine Different

Portland Kettle ensures that the beers and wines served to our customers are of the highest quality, and we achieve this through handcrafting our beverages. Crafting ensures that we use fewer preservatives and fillers, preserving the natural taste of the beer and wine that we make. This also ensures we have different taste profiles and vast diversity of beer styles.

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We Sell Our Wine in Large Scale

Our business focuses on making wine and beer not only for our customers but also for other companies. Therefore, we ensure our beverage is the best in the market. We can produce large-scale beverages and provide our customers with hands-on training with winemaking equipment and beer brewing machines. 

Portland Kettle will help reduce your start-up business cost and expansion risks for entrepreneurs who want to venture into this business.

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There is Local Crafted Beer for Our Customers

For customers who desire a diversity of beer styles, Portland local beer offers more. Our local beer is handcrafted to ensure that the beer is mixed with natural ingredients to ensure that our customers drink beer with a healthy mindset. 

Moreover, some studies have shown there are health benefits of drinking craft beer, including that it helps in digestion and decreases the risk of diabetes, among other benefits.

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We Have a Variety of Yummy Options

Our menu comes with a variety of tasty options to choose from. We have daily specials, signature soups, sandwiches, salads, drinks, and desserts, among other options for our customers. The variety gives every customer what they desire or choose to take at our restaurant.

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Portland Kettle offers a variety of options for our customers. Our beer and wine ensure that you enjoy every sip you take, and our food has a variety, which is all yummy.